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"We are a multi-facetted design and art manufacturing company with the purpose to create new forms for new art – new ways to present collectibles and objects of higher meaning. We believe that art is what you decide it is. A museum at home – in a nutshell." Thies Wulf

The Wall Mount

... is meant to be an object that allows people to create a perfect scenario for their beloved items – be it a piece of art, heirloom,
fleamarket findings or just something one wants to be remined of - like a personal holy grail.
Hung on a 15mm wall mounting plate the product appears to be floating while elegantly highlighting its content. „The Storytelling Altar“.

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„The Universal Standard“.
The felt patch underneath the stand makes it appear floating on the surface and protects it. It allows various options for personal scenography on shelves, tables, desks, counters, etc.  
For us the perfect product in combination with other decorative objects in order to create a playful set up.

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The most outstanding product of our spin off collection is a piece to attract attention. It can be used in any room be it a hallway,  retail space,  fair stand, hotel lobby, private interiors and more.
The felt patch on the downside of the base protects the floor and a silicone seal holding the glass dome secure on the platform.
It‘s simplicity in design and function fulfills all aspects of a contemporary product.

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The corner mount is the innovator of our current collection.
what is a corner of a space usually used for? isn’t it mostly for a plant or lamp?
This product was specifically created to make use of, and highlight those forgotten areas as well as reintegrating them into an inclusive space concept. Its almost archaic form gives this altar-esque product a highly architectural nimbus.

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"I Love it!"
Claus Sendlinger (SLOW)
"Finally a tool
to orchestrate
a space"

Manuel Gruendel (VITRA)

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