HOLYPROP was founded in 2020. The name underlines the focus on the spirit of the object rather the vessel that it holds.

At the time there was and still is no such thing like an easy to use, yet elegant and contemporary presenter, to be found on the market. So I decided to develop something for myself and my surroundings that share the same passion: collecting art and design.

The intention was to find contemporary ways to present valuable objects, art pieces or collectibles of all kinds, that one believes should be staged or highlighted somehow.

For prints, graphics and photography one finds thousands of suitable frames, but why not for objects and such?

I started to brainstorm from within the deepest recesses of my designer archives (and mind) and there it was: the silver lining, the horizon and eureka - a product that has been waiting on a pile of hundreds of sketches.

The upcoming period has been, and still is, magic. Many bright minds and helping hands have contributed to the result that is now displayed on our website.

We are proud of the result of this journey and believe the different models and ways to positioning our product are an exciting start into the field of "Interior Playfulness“.

Personally I love to imagine how my sons Match Box cars – which look quite messy after 3 years of high end usage, will look like under a glass dome and highlighted in terms of a museum piece.

To my understanding almost everything, be it the rare feather one finds on a walk on a beach or the precious item I have found on the Hells Kitchen flea market in NYC - may be highlighted under a glass dome and transformed into a piece of art.

We believe that art is what you decide it is. A museum at home – in a nutshell.

Thies Wulf

I see myself as a multidisciplinary designer whose work spans creative direction, product design and concepts for all kind of interior fields such as hospitality, retail, design and art related environments.

My work is imaginative and strategic, alternately resonating through bold elegance, artisanship, cultural design and art itself.Subscribing to Saul Bass’ view that “Design is visual thinking” - a quote that I truly believing in - I see my work utterly conceptual with an emphasis on craftsmanship, engineering and artistic approach.

Studying at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf laid my foundation for a multidisciplinary career path, which I followed and maintained ever since.
So being trained as an artist, my way of seeing at things was deeply influenced by his studies in Sculpture and Film  / Photography under Nam June Paik, Nan Hoover and Gerhard Richter.
In the past I used to do creative direction for fashion labels such as STONE ISLAND, C.P.COMPANY, Eduard Dressler, Lukasstein and Dorothee Schumacher; interior design and corporate architecture, including store design for Turtle Stone Inc. in Osaka, Stone Island and C.P. Company Stores in Milan, St. Tropez, London, New York, Los Angeles, Seoul, Rome, Munich (among other Cities).
Architectural projects include brands such as Audemars Piguet, Brax, MAC, Lufthansa, HUUM Equipment Tokyo, FLACONI Flagshipstore, GIAHI Zurich.

From 2007-2018, I used to work as freelance artistic director for Design Hotels AG. In this role, I was responsible for all physical representations of the brand – from travel and design fair booths worldwide, to office spaces and exhibits, as well as Design Hotel’s pop-up hotel Papaya Playa Project in Tulum, Mexico and others.

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